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47 Elizabeth St
Devonport 7310
Tel 03 6423 4840
Fax 03 6424 8260

about us

Electrical Engineering Switchboard Design & Manufacture
Rock Solid in Mining

PowerTek Australia is your local company offering Electrical Engineering, Switchboard Design and Manufacture. You can rely on us to deliver specific industry requirements to a specific budget. With many years experience in the Mining Industry, our team are ready to assess your needs. We can engineer, manufacture also supply you with quality innovative solutions for all electrical applications.

What we do:

• 1000V Specialists
• Mining and Heavy Industry Specialists

• Motor Control Centres
• Main Switchboards
• High Voltage Motor Control
• High Voltage Installations and Testing
• PLC Control Equipment
• Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters
• Switchboard Accessories
• Turn-key Projects
• Labour Hire

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